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Badge Program HELP

Expertscape offers graphical badges as a simple, universal way to highlight the dedication and effort you've contributed to advancing knowledge in your field of expertise.

Here is a fictitious example:

As an independent, unbiased, and algorithmically-derived ranking service designed to help people find the most knowledgeable experts in very specific areas of interest, Expertscape wants you to be recognized for your commitment and accomplishments.


The Expertscape Expert Badge -- Suggestions for Use

The Terms and Conditions govern the use of Expertscape badges. The items below are suggestions.

  • Include it on your personal or practice website.
  • Include it on your LinkedIn profile as your main graphic.
  • Include it on your institutional and/or departmental website.
  • Link your badge to your Expertscape Expert page.
  • Add language referencing your recognition by Expertscape (e.g. "... has been recognized by Expertscape as an expert in the field of...")
  • Include the recognition and link in applicable Wikipedia entries, professional directories, or other industry-specific publications.
  • Use the appropriate badge file in print ads, posters and other broadcast media (pending Expertscape approval as outlined in the Terms and Conditions.)