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Expertise in Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders: HELP
@ Michigan
Based on 132 articles published since 2008
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, T Roth is the top-rated expert in Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders in Michigan.


Includes continents




Includes US states, etc.




Includes metro areas










US Eastern Zone
Ann Arbor
Rochester, MI
Troy, MI
East Lansing
Miscellaneous cities in Michigan
Grand Rapids
Henry Ford Health System
University of Michigan
Wayne State University
Oakland University
Ann Arbor VA Center
Miscellaneous institutions in Ann Arbor
Wayne State University Troy
Detroit VA Hospital
Michigan State University
Miscellaneous institutions in Detroit
William Beaumont Hospital
Miscellaneous institutions in Grand Rapids
Roth, T
Drake, Christopher L
Arnedt, J T
Brower, Kirk
Roehrs, T
Conroy, D A
Pillai, Vivek
Kalmbach, David A
Hairston, Ilana S
Swanson, Leslie M
Huntley, E D
Ruwe, Frank
Armitage, R
Randall, S
Cheng, Philip
Ouellet, D
Chung, Seockhoon
Van den Bulck, Jan
Sangal, R Bart
O'Brien, Louise M
Hoban, T F
Pickett, Scott
Peterson, Ed
Chervin, Ronald D
Gumenyuk, Valentina
Richardson, Gary
Belcher, Ren
Johnson, Dayna A
Yaremchuk, Kathleen
Given, B
Watson, Christopher J
Hoffmann, Robert
Seyffert, Michael
Leggett, Amanda
Sikorskii, Alla
Lisabeth, Lynda
Klimkiewicz, Anna
Lagisetty, Pooja
Zhabenko, Nataliya
Mullins, Heather M
Dong, Liming
Abelson, James L
Kim, Eric S
Lee, Ji Hyun
Little, Roderick J A
Dopp, R
Landgraf, Jessica
Sonnega, Amanda
Kirwan, Mitchell
Smith, B
Moss, Kenneth
Johnson-Lawrence, Vicki
Imami, Ledina
Sandella, Danielle E
Chopik, William J
Chopra, Vineet
Tallent, Gabriel
Assari, Shervin
Luo, Z
Schiamberg, Lawrence B
Zilioli, Samuele
Miguel, George S
Pfeiffer, Paul N
Singh, Vijay
Bender, Thomas John
Jarrett, Nicole L
--Omitted 61 lower-scoring
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