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Expertise in Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders: HELP
@ University of Washington
Based on 59 articles published since 2008
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Michael V Vitiello is the top-rated expert in Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders at the University of Washington.


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US Pacific Zone
University of Washington
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Seattle Children's Hospital
Vitiello, Michael V
McCurry, Susan M
Woods, Nancy
Landis, Carol A
Palermo, Tonya
Guthrie, Katherine A
Taibi, Diana M
LaCroix, Andrea
Tang, Hsin-Yi
Barnes, Christopher M
King, Bryan H
Larson, Joseph C
Reed, Susan D
Biggs, Mary L
Anderson, Gail D
Churchill, Susan
Law, Emily
Bell, Kathleen
Parsons, Elizabeth C
Zaslavsky, Oleg
Hohensee, Chancellor
Ward, T
Pike, Kenneth C
Miller, Jared A
Garrison, Michelle M
Syrjala, K L
Hough, Catherine L
Gralow, J R
Sutton, Eliza L
Fann, J R
Mendoza, M E
Kieckhefer, Gail M
Siscovick, David S
Bjornson, Kristie F
Patel, Kushang V
Delaney, Joseph A
Herting, Jerald R
Gray, Kristen E
Cray, Lori
Cochrane, Barbara B
Turk, Dennis C
Zatzick, Douglas
Davydow, Dimitry S
Brockway, Jo Ann
Buchanan, Diana Taibi
Phipps, Amanda I
Ross, Frederick J
Crane, Heidi M
Shikiar, Richard
Gray, Shelly L
Chen, Maida
Jensen, M P
Luks, Andrew M
St De Lore, Jef
Kitahata, Mari
Babineau, Sarah
Johnson, Susan L
Ciol, Marcia Aparecida
Williams, Ellita T
Patrick, Donald L
Palen, Brian
Heithkemper, Margareth McLean
Hunt, Julie R
Tinker, Lesley F
Dikmen, Sureyya
Temkin, Nancy
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