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Expertise in Refractive Surgical Procedures: HELP
@ Singapore National Eye Centre
Based on 197 articles published since 2010
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, J Mehta is the top-rated expert in Refractive Surgical Procedures at the Singapore National Eye Centre.


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Singapore Republic
Singapore National Eye Centre
Singapore Eye Research Institute
Mehta, J
Tan, D T
Ang, Marcus
Zhou, X T
Liu, Yu-Chi
Chee, S-P
Htoon, H
Anshu, A
Khor, Wei-Boon
Lamoureux, E
Riau, Andri
Peh, Gary
Kocaba, V
Sng, Chelvin C A
Chaurasia, S S
Fuest, Matthias
Wong, Tina
Angunawela, R
Cheng, C-Y
Aung, Tin
Beuerman, Roger
Husain, Rahat
Yam, Gary H
De Benito-Llopis, L
Wong, Tien
Bhogal, Maninder
Stanzel, Tisha P
Ti, Seng-Ei
Perera, Shamira
Soh, Yu
Jap, A
Chan, Cordelia
Lwin, Nyein C
Chan, Nicole Shu Wen
Arundhati, Anshu
Rosman, Mohamad
Wong, Cheewai
Ong, Hon Shing
Damgaard, Iben B
Quek, Desmond
Yuen, Leonard
Han, Sang-Beom
Trikha, S
Yeoh, Ronald
Yang, Younian
Li, Lim
Lim, Li
Hoerster, R
Teo, Ericia
Koh, Jane
Lim, Chris H L
Williams, Geraint P
Ghosh, Arkasubhra
Hall, Reece C
Seah, Xin Yi
Luengo-Gimeno, Federico
Tan, Tien-En
Tay, Eugene
Chua, Jacqueline
George, Ben L
Lwin, Chan N
Ang, Heng P
Huang, Olivia S
Tan, Xiao Wei
Ho, Ching-Lin
Wong, Melissa H Y
--Omitted 100 lower-scoring
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