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Expertise in Physical Fitness: HELP
@ Vancouver
Based on 211 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, G R Sandercock is the top-rated expert in Physical Fitness in Vancouver.


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British Columbia
University of British Columbia
Miscellaneous institutions in Vancouver
British Columbia Children's Hospital
Simon Fraser University
British Columbia Cancer Agency
St. Paul's Hospital
Sandercock, G R
Warburton, D E R
Jamnik, V
Bredin, Shannon S D
Campbell, K
McKenzie, D C
Martin Ginis, K
Burr, J
Scott, Jessica
Eng, Janice J
Goosey-Tolfrey, V
Little, Jonathan
Kirkham, A A
Faulkner, Guy
Eves, Neil
Tang, Ada
Jones, Gareth
Petrella, R J
Voss, Christine
Bailey, D M
Neil-Sztramko, S
Shave, R
Beauchamp, Mark R
Ginis, K A Martin
Foulds, Heather J A
McManus, Alison M
Gelmon, K
McKay, Heather
Bland, Kelcey A
Charlesworth, S
Jung, Mary E
Nightingale, Tom E
Currie, Katharine D
Harden, Samantha M
Sheel, A W
Myette-Cote, Etienne
Masse, Louise C
Puterman, Eli
Voss, C
Dolan, L
Bourne, Jessica E
Ainslie, P N
Durrer, Cody
Li, Lin
Koehle, Michael S
Liu-Ambrose, Teresa
Best, John R
Davis, Jennifer C
Caperchione, Cristina
Krassioukov, Andrei
Madden, Kenneth M
Guenette, J A
West, Christopher R
Xie, Hui
Macdonald, Heather
Bonsignore, Alis
Zehr, E Paul
Foster, Glen E
Black, Jennifer L
Dominelli, Paolo B
Khan, Karim M
Reid, W D
Pun, Anthea
Smit, John
Diamond, Adele
Van Patten, Cheri
--Omitted 277 lower-scoring
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