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Expertise in Physical Fitness: HELP
@ Miscellaneous cities in United Kingdom
Based on 268 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, B Stubbs is the top-rated expert in Physical Fitness in Miscellaneous cities in United Kingdom.


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United Kingdom
Miscellaneous cities in United Kingdom
Stubbs, B
Ekelund, U
Gill, J M
Zanuso, S
Pavey, T
Fairclough, Stuart
Gonzalez-Ag├╝ero, A
Murphy, M H
Gray, Stuart
McNarry, M
Greeves, J
Sherar, L
Daley, A
Spears, Iain
Noonan, Robert J
Minto, G
Sattar, N
Polman, Remco
Fallowfield, J L
Metcalfe, R S
Knox, Gareth
Collings, P
Lyall, Donald M
Foweather, L
Bradley, P
Lewis, Nathan A
Davis, Philip
Fryer, S
Ho, Frederick K
Chapman, Chris
Smith, Mark F
Clare, Linda
Iliodromiti, Stamatina
Shaw, A
Siddall, A
Sanders, George
Anderson, Jana
McDonough, Suzanne M
Browning, M
Ireton, Matt
Taylor, Sarah
Macdonald, Jamie H
Middleton, Geoff
Mair, J L
Burden, Richard J
Blacker, S
Moran, Jason
Sillars, Anne
Vanhatalo, Anni
Carlisle, J B
Esliger, D W
Mackay, Daniel F
Christian, Danielle
Sripadam, R
Wildgust, Hiram J
Clark, Cain C T
De Ste Croix, M
Mc Naughton, L R
McGrane, Bronagh
Allsopp, A
Johnstone, James
Curry, Whitney
Pell, Jill
Kolotourou, Maria
Ayala, F
Gidlow, Christopher
--Omitted 329 lower-scoring
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