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Expertise in Hearing Disorders: HELP
@ Seattle
Based on 155 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, M A Meredith is the top-rated expert in Hearing Disorders in Seattle.


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US Pacific Zone
University of Washington
Seattle Children's Hospital
Miscellaneous institutions in Seattle
Puget Sound VA System
Swedish Medical Center Seattle
Virginia Mason Medical Center
Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Seattle
Meredith, M A
Walsh, T
Neitzel, R
Tremblay, Kelly
Schwartz, Seth R
Feeney, M Patrick
Kushalnagar, P
Rabinowitz, P
Brennan, Marc
Rubinstein, Jay
Rubel, Edwin W
Won, Jong Ho
Backous, Douglas D
Parkinson, Aaron
King, M-C
Pierce, Sarah B
Smith, Josh D
Lee, Ming K
Bierer, Julie A
Zeitler, Daniel
Kil, Jonathan
Sie, Kathleen C Y
Gates, George
Dedhia, Kavita
Werner, Lynne A
Drennan, Ward
Norton, Susan J
Lynch, Eric D
Ferjan Ramirez, Naja
Wang, Yuan
Rajguru, Suhrud M
Purcell, Patricia L
Jahn, Kelly
Raible, David W
Edwards, T C
Nickerson, Deborah A
Dasika, Vasant K
Luquetti, Daniela V
Miller, Christi
Klevit, Rachel E
Doherty, Dan
Heike, Carrie L
Ou, Henry C
Tempel, Bruce L
Bishop, Christopher
Lo, S
Oesterle, Elizabeth C
Patrick, D L
Heyer, Nicholas
Bamshad, Michael
Omelchenko, Irina
Cloutier, Fran├žois
Davies-Venn, Evelyn
Seixas, Noah
Arenberg, Julie G
Topolski, T
Collins, Margaret P
Street, Valerie A
Liu, C-F
Ishak, Gisele E
Mehta, Sonya
Iwata, Ayaka J
Kang, Robert
Winn, Matthew B
Chang, I J
Bird, Tom
--Omitted 96 lower-scoring
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