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Expertise in Hearing Disorders: HELP
@ Missouri
Based on 268 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, C Buchman is the top-rated expert in Hearing Disorders in Missouri.


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Includes US states, etc.




Includes metro areas










US Central Zone
St. Louis
Kansas City, MO
Columbia, MO
Springfield, MO
Miscellaneous cities in Missouri
Washington University
St Louis University
Miscellaneous institutions in St. Louis
University of Missouri Columbia
Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics
Missouri State University
Miscellaneous institutions in Kansas City, MO
University of Missouri Kansas City
VA St Louis Health Care System
University of Missouri St. Louis
Buchman, C
Dobie, Robert
Plontke, S
Lieu, J
Staecker, H
Ohlemiller, Kevin K
Piccirillo, Jay
Urano, F
Firszt, Jill B
Peelle, Jonathan E
Bao, Jianxin
Tye-Murray, Nancy
He, Shuman
Dillon, Meg
Goebel, J A
Wick, C
Warchol, Mark E
Kaur, T
Reeder, Ruth
Valente, Michael
Packer, M
Fayad, Jose N
Mikulec, A A
Hullar, Timothy E
Wang, Ye
Davidson, Lisa
Fagan, Mary K
Moog, Jean S
Holden, L
Sharma, Aseem
Kallogjeri, Dorina
Spehar, Brent
Hershey, Tamara
Hultcrantz, M
Salt, A
Sommers, Mitchell
Brenner, Chris
Ory, Daniel S
Kaf, Wafaa
Karzon, Roanne
Cadieux, Jamie
Marshall, Bess
Oeding, Kristi
Kanekura, Kohsuke
Chole, Richard
Ead, Banan
Potts, Lisa G
Nicklaus, Joyce
Burton, Harold
Hale, Sandra
Nicholas, Johanna
Jiang, Xuntian
Conway, Christopher M
Park, Lisa
Uchanski, Rosalie M
Strube, Michael
Lewis, Kathryn
Ortmann, Amanda
Li, Hui
Lu, Simin
Wineland, Andre
Sorkin, Donna L
Lei, Debin
Jerger, Susan
Baudhuin, Jacquelyn
Clark, William W
--Omitted 196 lower-scoring
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