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Expertise in Hearing Disorders: HELP
@ Connecticut
Based on 106 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, P Rabinowitz is the top-rated expert in Hearing Disorders in Connecticut.


Includes continents




Includes US states, etc.




Includes metro areas










US Eastern Zone
New England
New Haven
Farmington, CT
Miscellaneous cities in Connecticut
Middletown, CT
Yale University
University of Connecticut Storrs
University of Connecticut Farmington
West Haven VA Hospital
Connecticut Children's Medical Center
Miscellaneous institutions in New Haven
Miscellaneous institutions in Farmington, CT
Hartford Hospital
Wesleyan University
Rabinowitz, P
Michaelides, E
Parham, Kourosh
Tufts, Jennifer
Musiek, Frank
May, Bradford J
Galusha, D
Lapsley Miller, Judi A
Wycherly, Benjamin
Schmidt, Caroline J
Song, Lei
McKay, Sharen E
Coppola, Marie
Baltimore, Robert S
Hall, Matthew L
Marshall, Lynne
Raimundo, Nuno
Cotney, Justin
Ntranos, Achilles
Kadan-Lottick, Nina
Zhan, Weihai
Scholl, Ute
Slade, Martin D
Shadel, Gerald S
Watts, Kelly L
Santos-Sacchi, Joseph
Cantley, Linda
Skoe, Erika
Lillo-Martin, Diane
Naidich, Thomas P
Shoirah, Hazem
Hahn, D
Nair, Erika L
Lee, Daniel
Kirsche, Sharon
Tessier-Sherman, Baylah
Schettino, Amy
Graham, M
Niemiller, Matthew L
Sondalle, Samuel B
Soh, Heun
Chang, Mi
Farhi, Anita
Duignan, Kevin M
Carrigan, Emily M
Tan, Winston J T
Nelson-Williams, Carol
McTague, Michael F
Dostal, Hannah M
Kuwada, S
Wang, S J
Naples, James
Yan, Wayne
Lifton, Richard P
Wolf Craig, Kelly S
Kveton, John
Tzingounis, Anastasios V
Maro, Isaac I
Gelernter, Joel
Healey, Katherrine
Nouws, Jessica
Richie, Russell
Whiting, B
Kuzmik, Gregory A
Lu, Ming
Thormann, Maximilian J
--Omitted 61 lower-scoring
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