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Expertise in Hearing Disorders: HELP
@ University of Birmingham
Based on 61 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, AnnLouise McDermott is the top-rated expert in Hearing Disorders at the University of Birmingham.


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United Kingdom
West Midlands
Birmingham, UK
University of Birmingham
Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham
Birmingham Children's Hospital
Birmingham Women's Hospital
City Hospital Birmingham
Birmingham Heartlands Hospital
Royal Centre for Defence Medicine
McDermott, AnnLouise
Reid, A
Monksfield, P
Banga, R
Thompson, Robin
Cooper, H
Doshi, Jayesh
Irving, R
Terlektsi, Emmanouela
Fielden, Claire
Ho, E C
Coulson, Chris
Douglas, Mike
Watson, G J
Ludlow, Amanda
Hanvey, Kate
Robinson, T
Astuti, Dewi
Breadmore, Helen L
Wassmer, Evangeline
Barrett, Timothy
Mistry, N
Watkins, Freya
Sabir, Ataf
Dhillon, B
Fulton, Piers
Tzifa, Konstance
Dhanasekar, G
Harper, Lorraine
Zatyka, Malgorzata
Maggs, J
Whittaker, J
Craddock, L
Williams, Denise
Ambler, Marette
Linden Phillips, Luan
Tikka, T
Brocklehurst, Peter
Riley, Alison
Farmer, Amy
Hardy, Carol
Watts, E
Poole, N
Dias, Renuka
Skilton, M K
Fong, Jim C W
Bagshaw, Richard J
Bradberry, S M
Wragg, Ruth
Harterink, Emilie
Schneiders, Sara
Foster, Katherine
Johnson, O
McCarthy, Liam
Hartley, Andrew
Andrew, B
Denniston, Alastair K
Janjua, A
Acharya, A
Walker, D
Morgan, S
Cooper, Nicola
Ong, Kai Ren
Wright, Tracy
Aldren, A
Wright, T
--Omitted 11 lower-scoring
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