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Expertise in Hearing Disorders: HELP
@ Oregon Health Sciences University
Based on 210 articles published since 2008
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, J A Henry is the top-rated expert in Hearing Disorders at Oregon Health Sciences University.


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US Pacific Zone
Portland, OR
Oregon Health Sciences University
Portland VA Hospital
Henry, J A
Saunders, Gabrielle
Laplante-Lévesque, Ariane
McMillan, Garnett
Theodoroff, S
Knight, Kristin
Folmer, Robert L
Neuwelt, Edward A
Reiss, Lina
Gallun, Frederick
Griest, S
Koo, J-W
Hunter, Lisa L
Konrad-Martin, Dawn
Reavis, Kelly M
Brigande, John V
Feeney, M Patrick
Barr-Gillespie, Peter G
Thielman, E
Zaugg, T
Shi, Xiaorui
Lewis, M S
Keefe, Douglas H
Fausti, Stephen
Steyger, Peter S
Dille, Marilyn
Hullar, Timothy E
Tanaka, Chiemi
Trune, Dennis
Martin, William H
Carlson, K
Bramhall, Naomi
Shi, Yongbing
Fitzpatrick, Denis
Frederick, Melissa
Helt, W
Kopelovich, Jonathan C
Jacobs, Peter
Galvez, Gino
Gordon, J
Lilly, David
Austin, Don
Nicolson, Teresa
Shin, Jung-Bum
Dann, Serena
Dai, Min
Molis, Michelle
Jakien, Kasey M
Meikle, Mary B
Kaelin, Christine
Silverman, ShienPei
Garinis, Angela C
Shayman, Corey
Vachhani, Jay
McDermott, Dan
Nuttall, A L
Eggleston, Jessica
Li, Hongzhe
Fowler, Jennifer
Krey, Jocelyn F
Cross, Campbell P
Putterman, Daniel B
Guillaume, Daniel J
Kampel, Sean D
Neng, Lingling
Zhang, Yuan
--Omitted 124 lower-scoring
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