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Expertise in Epilepsy: HELP
@ Seattle
Based on 296 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, H S White is the top-rated expert in Epilepsy in Seattle.


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US Pacific Zone
University of Washington
Seattle Children's Hospital
Miscellaneous institutions in Seattle
Swedish Medical Center Seattle
Puget Sound VA System
Pacific Northwest Diabetes Research Institute
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Seattle
Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center
Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sound
White, H S
Mefford, H
Ojemann, J
Miller, J W
Carvill, Gemma
Catterall, William A
So, Norman
Novotny, E
Drane, D L
Paciorkowski, A R
Hamiwka, L D
Myers, C T
Kalume, Franck
Rodin, E
Gospe, Sidney M
Johnson, Erica K
Kaiboriboon, K
Temkin, Nancy
Oakley, J C
Dobyns, W
Hauptman, Jason S
Eichler, Evan E
Saneto, Russel
Barker-Haliski, Melissa
May, Patrick
D'Ambrosio, Raimondo
Westenbroek, Ruth E
Fraser, Robert
Eastman, Clifford L
Koch, Christof
Miller, K J
Scheuer, Todd
Lie, Octavian
Levy, R H
Yu, Frank H
Poolos, Nicholas P
Prince, E
Fender, Jason
Cook, Joseph
Hakimian, Shahin
Tai, Chao
Cheah, Christine S
Chaytor, Naomi
Tubbs, R S
Holmes, Mark D
Jansen, Laura A
Gwinn, Ryder
Leyde, Kent
Phatak, Vaishali
Mirzaa, Ghayda M
Ciechanowski, Paul
Geraghty, Eileen
Han, Sung
Poliakov, Andrew
Wray, Carter
Poliachik, Sandra L
Rubinstein, Moran
Anderson, Gail D
Zemel, Matthew
Hartmann, Corinna
Ojemann, George
Ishak, Gisele
Grabowski, Thomas J
Kaplan, Joshua
Stewart, Tessandra
Carone, M
--Omitted 199 lower-scoring
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