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Expertise in Epilepsy: HELP
@ Iowa
Based on 80 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, George Richerson is the top-rated expert in Epilepsy in Iowa.


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Includes US states, etc.




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US Central Zone
Iowa City
Des Moines
University of Iowa
Iowa City VA Hospital
Iowa State University
Miscellaneous institutions in Des Moines
Richerson, George
Joshi, Charuta
Oya, Hiroyuki
Kawasaki, Hiroto
St Louis, Erik K
Howard, Mathew A
Nourski, Kirill
Granner, Mark
Welty, Timothy
Gehlbach, Brian K
Dlouhy, Brian J
Yang, Yang
Ghearing, Gena
Buchanan, Gordon F
Ciliberto, Michael
Abel, Taylor
Tranel, Daniel
Bassuk, A G
Reale, Richard A
Brugge, John F
Kovach, Christopher K
Smith, Richard J H
Sainju, Rup
Rhone, Ariane E
Sowers, Levi
Greenlee, Jeremy D
Albert, Gregory
Johnson, Chris A
Mei, Xue
Behroozmand, Roozbeh
Reddy, Chandan
Kim, YuJaung
Massey, Cory A
Jones, Robert
Puttachary, Sreekanth
Boes, Aaron D
Brun, Brianna N
Sharma, Shaunik
Barrash, Joseph
Jeffery, Nick D
Purnell, Benton S
Zimmerman, M Bridget
Manzel, Ken
Mockler, Shelley R H
Warren, David E
Petruccelli, Emily
Laubscher, Katie M
Koffel, Erin
Lansdon, Patrick
Verma, Saurabh
Major, Heather
Stephan, Carrie M
Duff, Melissa C
Cherepanova, Natalya S
Mason, Sue
Zha, Xiang-ming
Capizzano, Aristides A
Ando, Timothy K
Kitamoto, Toshihiro
Kolbe, Diana L
Kee, Vicki R
Darbro, Benjamin W
Wallace, Anne M
Welsh, Michael J
Wemmie, John
Krasowski, Matthew D
--Omitted 35 lower-scoring
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