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Expertise in Anterior Eye Segment: HELP
@ Portland, OR
Based on 188 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Mark Terry is the top-rated expert in Anterior Eye Segment in Portland$or.


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US Pacific Zone
Portland, OR
Oregon Health Sciences University
Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center
Miscellaneous institutions in Portland, OR
Portland VA Hospital
Terry, Mark
Li, Jennifer
Li, Yan
Acott, Ted
Huang, Davy
Keller, Kate
Straiko, Mike
Tang, Maolong
Vranka, Janice
Yokogawa, Hideaki
Stoeger, Chris
Chamberlain, Winston
Greiner, Mark A
David, Larry
Veldman, Peter
Yeh, Steven
Goshe, Jeff
Wilmarth, Phillip A
Shifera, Amde Selassie
Musil, Linda S
Phillips, Paul M
Tran, Khoa D
Mayko, Zachary M
Sales, Christopher S
Davis-Boozer, David
Holiman, Jeff
Rose-Nussbaumer, Jennifer
Rosenbaum, James T
Sun, Ying
Bradley, John M
Schallhorn, Julie M
Yang, Yong-feng
Takata, Takumi
Packer, Mark
Chen, Edwin S
Morrison, John C
Azuma, Mitsuyoshi
Lampi, Kirsten J
Shearer, T R
Cleary, Catherine
Cepurna, William
Hegarty, D M
Clover, Jameson
Hermes, S M
Johnson, Elaine
Galloway, Joshua
Aicher, S A
DeMill, David L
Boswell, Bruce A
Samples, John R
Dye, Philip K
O'Neill, Susan E
Shah, Anand
Kelley, Mary J
Suhler, Eric
Myers, Janette B
Jayaram, Hari
Reichow, Steve L
Jardine, Griffin J
Tan, O
Haddad, Bassam G
Rush, Sloan W
Fortune, Brad
Brass, Robert
Newman, Lara R
Alqudah, Asem A
--Omitted 97 lower-scoring
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