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Pancreatic Neoplasms: HELP
Articles by B-Q Cheng
Based on 1 article published since 2010
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Between 2010 and 2020, B-Q Cheng wrote the following article about Pancreatic Neoplasms.
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1 Article Pancreatic cancer cells expressing hypoxia-inducible factor-1α tend to be adjacent to intratumoral blood vessels. 2010

Cheng, B-Q / Segersvärd, R / Permert, J / Wang, F. ·Department of Surgery, Karolinska University Hospital, Huddinge, Sweden. ·Eur Surg Res · Pubmed #20924188.

ABSTRACT: We investigated whether cells expressing hypoxia-inducible factor-1α (HIF-1α) are specially related to blood vessels in human pancreatic tumors. HIF-1α and blood vessels were stained in 7 pancreatic ductal adenocarcinomas (PDAC) and 3 nonmalignant tumors. HIF-1α(+) cells accounted for 37 ± 5% of the total PDAC cells and increased to 52 ± 4% in perivascular PDAC cells and to 67 ± 4% in PDAC cells found in intratumoral blood vessels. In nonmalignant tumors, 12 ± 3% of the total tumoral cells examined were HIF-1α(+), and HIF-1α(+) cells decreased to 2 ± 0.3% in perivascular cells examined in the tumors. In conclusion, HIF-1α(+) cells in PDAC and nonmalignant pancreatic tumors differ not only in their amounts but also in their relation to intratumoral blood vessels. HIF-1α(+) cells usually are adjacent to intratumoral blood vessels in PDAC tumors, but are farther away from the vessels in nonmalignant pancreatic tumors.